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Victoria spent so many years focused on studying and getting into a good University that she missed out on all the fun young girls have with new boyfriends. She is 19 now, but still so inexperienced and naive about sex. She met Zac on the University campus, he's the brother of a girl in her halls. Despite her parents not approving of her older boyfriend, her young pussy aches and craves him to lick it and fill it every single day, she is always so wet and her warm young musk gives him a permanent hard-on. Victoria's cute freckles and soft brown skin are irresistible, and her dark little pussy lips and bud-like, twitching pink pussy hole are simply heavenly. She loves to feel him inside her before she comes, and then slurp her own juices off his smooth cock. Her favourite orgasm is when he gently stimulates her pussy hole and sucks on her clit. She's just started taking birth control too, so he's the first man to come inside her. She's discovered that she loves the feeling of cock pumping warm come inside her tiny, hot vagina, and filling her young belly with his semen.
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